Sunday, 6 October 2013

Disposable Camera Project Month 2: Frenchie Picnic + Canal + PYO

This isn't a surprise, but I am behind again on posting this camera! These are from August, unfortunately I am a bit silly and touched the lens at one point so a few of the shots ended up with a horrible smear right in the middle! Lesson learned!
Sam's parents have a time share on a Canal boat so we have spent a few days out for walks along the Grand Union. I am still not totally convinced about spending a week on one, maybe one day! It's fun to see the different styles, and how people make do with living in such small space! Sam's Mum had told us about the markets, and shop boats that travel up and down the canals. So naturally we were so excited to finally come across the Fudge making boat! We bought a few bags and enjoyed them on route to the pub.

I am so thankful to live in the countryside and be able to go to local farms, it reminds me of home so much! Sam and I did PYO a few times this year, our friends from London came down one day we titled it PYO&Pie! It was just that, we picked, gathered some local produce and treats from the farm shop then all headed back to ours and made a delicious pie with freshly picked berries and local cream!
August was full of good eats! We finally had #FrenchiePicnic at Hampstead Heath. It was such a gorgeous day, a bit hot for our boy French but we found some water and soon cooled down. Sam and I have also had many Saturday mornings at a lovely local cafe that we absolutely love! Having Saturday brunch also became a thing, and has now since come to a halt. Maybe once a month ;)
Eggs loves nothing more than a hot summer day, lounging in the garden. He gets hot quickly, he will move inside or to shade until he is cooled off then repeat over heating in the sun! This goes on all day, I decided this year he needs a pool, since he loves the river so much! To my surprise when said pool arrived, it wasn't a paddling pool but a Barbie pool! I promise, the picture online and on the package had two children in this pool! (I need to read sizes, clearly)

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Disposable Camera Project: Month 1 - Bristol

For my birthday Sam took us to Bristol, (this was on my birthday -June 28th). The first day of this project and I am already behind on! Actually, I am only behind on editing and posting photos not the actual get the camera and taking the pictures.
I used lightroom for the first time on these, and its safe to say I am still learning! I will probably look back on these and think wtf!?
Sam took some photos of our day as well, they are much better ;). This was my first time in Bristol, and trying Macaroons. We spent the day walking and eating are way around the city, since we were Frenchie free for the day it was nice to take our time in shops, and not be held back by him not being welcome in most places.
After our sitting down along the river, eating our Macaroons we took a walk in hopes of finding more gems. We did, Sam recognised Brew Dog so we popped in and were immediately greeted by the bar man with a tasting of 5 brews. We decided on one, and sat down at table overlooking the river to people watch and plan our next stop.
From Brew Dog we found ourselves across the river outside the Bristol Aquarium! Such a strange place for an Aquarium to be, right in the middle of a bunch of restaurants. There was lawns chairs all lined up with a projection of the Wimbledon match showing. I spotted what we think was the Imax theatre, it reminded me of the bean in Chicago. So naturally we took a selfie reflected in it!
The product of this picture that Sam was taking has actually become my profile picture for a few social platforms! I had an amazing day in Bristol, I hope next time we go we can spend a few days there!

// I am going to kick my butt into gear to get the rest of the July camera photos done and up on the blog before the end of September, I do not like being this behind on something.

Saturday, 10 August 2013


If you didn't know I am obsessed with French Bulldogs, particularly mine - Eggs Benedict. Back in April I was chosen to be the French Bulldog Newsletter curator at Pack.
Pack is full of every dog breed imaginable, and even a few unimaginable ones I have never heard of! Canaan Dog any one? How cute!! Each dog gets his or her own page to customise and showcase how amazing your pup is!
There are tons of new features popping up all the time, the Pack community is constantly changing and improving taking our suggestions by providing a great place to love dogs! Pack is currently still in beta, so if you want to be apart of this amazing community let me know, I can provide you with an invite code!

//Pictures by Sam.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Handsome French!

I have been a reader of Jules from Canines & Couture for the past few months. I don't actually remember how I found her wonderful Bulldog infused fashion lifestyle blog, but I did and I love it! Her 'Smoosh' as he is often referred as, Ru is so handsome and full of the English Bulldog glare! He always looks so proud to be modelling the latest trends right next to his favourite person, his Mama.
I love supporting bloggers and collaborations, and am notorious for entering contests usually ones that are usually based in the USA and state USA only. So when I saw that Canines & Couture was hosting an amazing giveaway  (internationally) with Little Blue Feathers to win a bow tie I was sold! I love an excuse to dress Eggs up!!
Thank you  to Jules & Ru for brining such a great company to my attention and for your bulldog loving blog! I can't wait for Eggy to showcase his handsome Little Blue Feathers bow tie at my University Graduation! PS. How cute is the Little Blue Feather! ;) such a great touch to an amazing well made product!
I chose a simple blue honey comb pattern, in size regular. I am in love with it! The bow tie is perfect size for my large (dinasour) Frenchie boy. 
It is so well made and can be attached with the elastic loops on to any of his collars. Although now I am on the hunt for a collar that wont clash like his red, or the leather brown one.

//Photos by Sam

Friday, 28 June 2013


The final photos that turned out from the disposable camera from our easter break in Exmoor. It took me a good month of two to use up the remaining shots on the camera, and I kept forgetting to take it out with me. Over a few nice weekend's out walking Eggs and greeting this years cows I used up my first disposable camera.
This also gave me an idea to start a year long project for my 24th year! I am going to have a disposable camera for each month, for the next 12 months! I am no photographer, and I hope that over the next 12 months I will be able to be more comfortable shooting things I enjoy during my days.

It will also give me something to post on my this very very neglected blog.
In addition to this project, I picked up a Canon sure shot supreme film camera from an antique shop we explored while while Giulia and Sandy were visiting last weekend. So I will also have photos from that camera every once in a while! 

I promise not every picture will be of Eggs, he has his own blog for that!

// Since today is my birthday, Sam is took me to Bristol for the day to explore, eat and drink our way around the city! This makes a perfect start to my new project, stay tuned ;)) 

Monday, 24 June 2013


I am very excited to finally be posting some of the shots I got from the disposable camera I picked up in Exmoor back at Easter.
It was cold and very windy for most of the week, but we managed to get out each day and explore somewhere new. It was still great to explore places we didn't get to on our weekend trip their last year.
I really love visiting new places, especially since in the 6 years I have lived in the UK I have only really been to London, and the surrounding areas where I have lived. Sam and I have a few more places on our list of UK destinations we plan on visiting, the next being Bristol for my birthday on the 28th of June.

Thing I have learned from this roll (camera), whatever it's called.
// Make sure fingers, sleeves etc are not going to get in the way
// Take time to ensure the composition is straight
// Crouch down if it will help get a better shot
// Slow down

Monday, 22 April 2013

Spring at the park

Spring has finally decided to arrive here in the UK, and by arrive I mean we had a really nice weekend! It was gorgeous and sunny, the park was full of people having picnics and going for walks, there was even a 10am hilltop rave! Everyone was generally just enjoying something we haven't had in so long.
I may dislike the town we live in, the one thing I am grateful for is the park. Not only is it convenient to take Eggs to for his daily walks, but it is gorgeous. It's the classic English country side, rolling hills, farm lands, manor houses and even a small river. It makes the dog walks a little bit more enjoyable when you can hear the cow's mooing, or the water babbling down stream.

This is now my first full year walking at Hughenden, and I have seen it in all its glory in all seasons. During the winter, when we had snow a few times I enjoyed the crisp mornings with my favourite thing about winter, tree branches bare expect for the white snow sitting on top. It was peaceful, until of course the next morning when it had melted and turned the place into a giant mud slushy mess.
Dexter and Boo, Eggs best Pug friends
But now that it is warming up, and the daffodils have finally started blooming everything is green! It is so refreshing in the mornings (when it is dry of course). Eggs is also loving rolling around like a monkey and running through the patches
of flowers, he gets so excited and more alert when the sun is shining.

Now that I am nearing the end of my course, and the possibilities of full time employment outside of retail are coming true the thought of staying in this town is depressing, I have no real reason stay. I will admit to already missing this park, even before we start seriously think about moving. This is where we took Eggs on his first walk, and every walk twice a day since. We have made some other dog owned friends, and it is always nice to see them and their four legged friend each day.
Also, I am excited to say that when we went on holiday over Easter I purchased a disposable camera!! I have a few shots left but am really excited to get them back and do a post about our mini holiday! I am excited to maybe do a post that isn't all pictures of Eggs, although I don't think that is possible!

-All photos taken by Sam, they have probably been featured on Eggs blog at some point ;)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Eggs Benedict the birthday boy!

I have been so terrible at blogging this year, I will go ahead and blame that on the creation of my Advertising blog for University. I have to admit I have even been slacking on that blog, I will stop procrastinating eventually. But when you have a puppy half as cool as mine that is enough reason to not get things done.
For real though, can we just cry silently that Eggs Benedict is 1 years old! I can barley handle it, I have no idea what I am going to be like with my own children. He is such an amazing dog, being my first 'puppy' I was terrified I would ruin him. Going to meet him when he was 8 weeks old was terrifying, partially because I didn't want to get to attached at the first meeting. I had wanted an all black one, Eggs was brindle. A colour I wasn't interested in. Once I laid eyes on his tiny body and giant ears I was hooked. There was no going back, he was already my puppy.
The past 10 months or so with him have been amazing, considering we moved on the tuesday and picked him up on the Saturday. We just barley survived that first week, there was one night I was threatening Sam that I was just going to sleep on the living room floor with him. Thankfully that didn't happen and now everyone sleeps through the night. Training him wasn't as difficult as I anticipated, considering I have heard how stubborn Frenchies can be. Don't get me wrong he has his moments, and we are currently having an on going argument about going back on his lead after a walk (any suggestion welcome). He managed sit, lay down and shake in about 2 weeks. We even have bells hanging by the door for him to 'ding' when he wants out. He learned that in about a day, and now he will impatiently 'ding' them while we are getting ready to go for a walk!
The thought of being away from him makes me sad, pre warning for christmas- Sam and I are going to Vancouver for 3 weeks! What am I going to do with out his morning snuggles, afternoon snuggles, and evening snuggles?! I am sure people think that we are insanely obsessed with our dog, I mean we have a blog and use a #tinyeggs on Instagram and Twitter (ignore the random small eggs). I am really glad that we decided to do them, as hard as they can be to talk in first person, about a dog, its great to be able to look back and remember what we did each week of his life with us.
I can't wait to see how he changes this year and watch him fully mature in to a grown up Frenchie! He already is in some of his mannerisms  but at the same time he is still that teeny tiny fragile puppy I was scared to hold. A lot of the regulars down at the park we take him to always comment on how big he has gotten, so many people think he is a little handbag dog. He is definitely not, I love that he is rough enough to wrestle with Sam and the bigger dogs down the park. Yet I am still able to carry him and cuddle him on the sofa like a little puppy. He is the perfect size in all ways, however he is a lot bigger then most of the Frenchies his age that we meet at the Regents Park meetup.
If you can't tell he is a major cuddle bug, and I am ok with that! One of the first things his breeder told me about him when we were in talks if I would take him or not was that he is really into cuddles. Its still true, he is never to hyper to snuggle with me on the sofa with our dedicated 'snuggly' blanket. In the mornings when Sam gets up, he lets Eggs out of his crate so he can come snuggle me in bed! More recently he has taken to going fully under the duvet with just his back legs poking out!
So, Happy First Birthday Eggs Benedict Charles Meyer (yes my dog has two middle names and my last name) - I love you and am so happy to have you in my life, thank you for always being so silly and making me smile. I am the happiest Frenchie mama because of you <3

Friday, 1 February 2013

Dog Treats

Confession, I am a crazy dog owner. I think this post just helps prove it, but you know what I don't mind.

For Christmas, I decided to make Meg dog a home made treat from Eggs of course. I stumbled upon Dog-Milk, an amazing one stop for all things modern for dogs.
I found a post about two ingredient dog treats and decided that Megs Christmas present would be the perfect time to try it out! So to the baby food aisle at Tesco it was. That was awkward, looking at all the types of baby food to find ones without onions, grapes or raisins. It was also this moment when looking at labels and ingredients I decided I definitely want to make my future babies food.
The first time making them I made balls because I didn't have a cookie cutter, they turned out great. The dogs loved them which was the main thing, no one got sick or died from eating them!
This time around I found a suitable cutter to make smaller thinner shapes, about the size of 10p coin. Two 125g of Hipp Organic jars of sweet squash and chicken with two cups of wholemeal flour and some rolled oats, made three batches! 
Since we have switched Eggs on to Natural Instinct natural raw food I feel a lot better about what is going into his body. I think know that I have a basic understanding of how to make his treats I might venture and try some completely homemade ones so everything is fresh and not full of bad fillers.